Developing Community.

Building Legacy.

About the Trust

The University of Alberta Properties Trust (UAPT) was formed by the University of Alberta to develop or re-develop lands deemed by the University as not central to its academic mission of teaching and research.

Today, the organization has been entrusted with the responsibility of developing several ‘crown jewel’ properties in the middle of one of Canada’s fastest growing cities – and distributing net revenues back to the University of Alberta, contributing to its long-term sustainability. Michener Park is one of these exciting properties.

The UAPT knows that reimagining these lands will take time, and many hands and many voices along the way. But as residents begin to call these new communities home, they will be building a new future for themselves – and a legacy for generations of University of Alberta students.

UAPT is an arm’s length, independent, incorporated trust with the University of Alberta as its sole shareholder.

Learn more about UAPT

To learn more about the work of the Trust and its current and future developments, please visit the UAPT website.

For more info, Contact:  Greg Dewling

[email protected]